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About My Printers

I am an artist. I have few other practical skills, and printing, customer service, billing, etc. are among the things I am not/would not be good at. All my products, therefore, are printed to-order by so-called Print-On-Demand businesses. I work with Galloree for all clothing as well as mugs, wall decals, and canvas prints. I use Zazzle for pinback buttons, clock designs, and maybe some others here and there. I self-published a book using CreateSpace, a Print-On-Demand self-publishing company owned by Amazon.com.

When you purchase a product from me, the respective company will print that product just for you. They will process finances and shipping, and they will handle most customer service. I do very little of this. This is good for me because I can focus all my effort on making art and painstakingly posting products on those websites, and it's good for you because they will be more reliable than I would be, plus you don't have to trust this random stranger with your credit card. These businesses, in turn, recieve a very large cut of the sales.

I would love to hear from you about my art and products, including if you are having persistent trouble (or success) with one of the print-on-demand companies I contract with. Please know, however, that if you email me demanding a refund, you will not get one from me; you can contact the company that printed your product instead. In my experience they are professional, cooperative, and friendly. Zazzle is quite flexible about returns, with a satisfaction guarantee. Galloree is not so flexible because they are a very small company, but they can help you with any major production defects.

Thank you for reading this, and for visiting my site! The navigation box below has links back to my product showcases.

Clothing Buttons Special Items
Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

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