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Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

Mental Health Activism

Thank you for visiting the Mental Health Community Activism section of my website! Obviously a big goal in making MOST of the Mind's Eye Mania site is to attempt to sell stuff and hopefully allow me to make a living, but another goal has always been to try to make the world better, healthier, friendlier, and safer for the millions of people living with mental illness.

I myself am among them. I have schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), autism, and PTSD and other anxiety symptoms. So this is a personal fight for me.

About 1 in 5 people lives with mental illness, yet we have been persistently mistreated and abused throughout history. Things are getting better for us, thankfully. For instance, I have friends who have been forced into straight jackets, spread out and chained to beds, or forcibly administered with dangerous medications, but that's all illegal now. At least here in the USA.

In days gone by in America, we were fed rotten meat and toilet water, and chained to straight-back benches. All. Day. Long. It's better here, but in other parts of the world, it still happens. People assume we're dangerous, or that we are completely detached from reality and it doesn't matter what they do to us, as long as we're kept away from the public. The mentally ill die an average of TWO AND A HALF DECADES YOUNGER than the general population. That is shocking, and I don't want to die in my fifties, thank you very much.

But it's not true. Some people are sick and delusional, of course, but many, many of the mentally ill folks I have met are actually extremely down-to-earth and humble. They are funny, intelligent, empathetic, creative, and many are even motivated. And the ones who ARE sick and delusional? They CAN get better. They DO get better. Many recover to the point that they can hold down jobs, sometimes even obtain jobs as counselors and social workers. And we've all been there, locked up in hospitals, taking toxic medication, and studying ourselves deeply and intently so we can recover.

And THAT is what I want to celebrate. That is the message I want to spread. This page contains thoughts, information, and links to resources for the mental health community. I'm not starting a new organization to step on the toes of great ones already there, such as those listed at the bottom of each page in this section, but I still want to make my thoughts known. Thanks for visiting!

With help from my peers, I designed a community pride flag that I hope catches on. Click here to check it out!

Like politics or not, hate arguing or not, the reason it's such a pain is PRECISELY why it is so important: politics is simply defined as the process by which societies decide who gets to do what and how. This means politics decides whether the mentally ill are supported and encouraged, or kicked out on the street, or worse, locked up again. It's not worth slacking on even if it gives you a headache. Click here to read my thoughts on politics and its relevance for the mental health community.

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Mental Health Activism Art Info About Mind's Eye Mania

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